Money for Nothing? Wall Street Punishes Dems for Appearing to Tackle Financial Regulation

By: Tuesday July 6, 2010 1:59 pm

If you are upset that the new financial reform bill is too weak, does not fundamentally change a broken system and will not prevent another meltdown, perhaps you should take a look at this: Wall Street is unhappy that Democrats have been slightly mean to them, so it has closed its huge campaign-donation spigot. From [...]

Avalanche of Evidence: Why We Need Clean Money in Elections

By: Friday May 21, 2010 11:15 am

Recent events give us four powerful examples of why we desperately need to take back our elections from the big-money interests that are buying our politics. The solution is to clean up election funding through voluntary public financing, so that candidates can run without needing to grovel for donations from wealthy individuals and corporate lobbies. [...]

The Great Float Grab: How Healthcare Reform Puts Your Money in Wall Street’s Pocket

By: Thursday May 13, 2010 1:20 pm

The health insurance industry makes a substantial part of its profits by hanging on to premium dollars as long as possible — premiums which are established after assessing anticipated risk and expected claims. But if all claims are paid, there’s no need for managing risk by reserving premium dollars, and no need to hold reserves for investment. Getting insurers and Wall Street to give up the reserves is going to be a challenge.

Ten Areas Where Democrats Could Use Reconciliation

By: Monday April 26, 2010 10:38 am

If the Democrats want to pass anything in the Senate with 50 votes over the course of the next year, they have to decide now what they want to use reconciliation for and include that in next year’s budget resolution. What kind of progressive changes can you accomplish using reconciliation?  Well, anything done through reconciliation [...]

Insurance Stocks Soar With Joe Lieberman’s Statements

By: Monday December 14, 2009 10:26 am

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that health insurance stocks are up dramatically today after Joe Lieberman’s threat to filibuster health care reform. Lieberman has a new-found strong opposition to the Medicare buy-in proposal–a massive flip-flop from his earlier support. Wells Fargo Securities analyst Matthew Perry said Lieberman’s comments are good news for managed-care stocks [...]