Big Bad John Runs Into The Buzzsaw

By: Saturday June 28, 2008 7:12 am

Republican Sen. John Cornyn, in a race within the margin of error currently with Democratic challenger Rick Noriega, put out an ad so comical, so utterly ridiculous, that it had to be spoofed (yes, this ad above was real). So the Noriega team took care of it, by actually pointing out “Big Bad John’s” real record while showing his own ad just for comic value.

One last point, can we get a

Sen. Cornyn Vulnerable In Texas

By: Thursday June 26, 2008 11:30 am

As if the National Republican Senatorial Committee Needed any more bad news. There is, um, more bad news. A new poll out of Texas shows the Senate race in a dead heat, with Republican incumbent John Cornyn with 38%, Democratic challenger Rick Noriega at 36% and 24% undecided.

Only 23% of Texans think the country is headed on the right track.

With recent news that the Obama Campaign is going to

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