Poll: Americans Don’t Think US Has a Responsibility to Act in Iraq

By: Monday June 23, 2014 8:34 am

There is yet another reminder that after two long and expensive wars the American people have turned sharply against spending blood or treasure in another foreign conflict. According to a new NYT/CBS News poll, 50 percent of Americans don’t think the country has a responsibility to act in Iraq to try to stop the fighting. [...]

Poll: Should Susan Rice’s TransCanada Investment Disqualify Her from Secretary of State Job?

By: Monday December 3, 2012 6:58 am

The White House has grown quite mum over the recent revelation by the NRDC that Rice owns between $300,000 and $600,000 of TransCanada stock, the company that is currently using strongarm tactics against activists as they construct the southern leg of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Almost No Regular Americans Rank Deficit As Their Top Issue

By: Tuesday May 22, 2012 10:26 am

Just one single percent of Americans rank the deficit as the most important issue for them in choosing a president, according to the new Washington Post/ABC News poll. The percentage of Americans who think the deficit is the most important issue this election is so incredibly tiny that it is practically unmeasurable. What Americans really [...]

Two-Thirds of Americans Favor Full Withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan

By: Wednesday March 9, 2011 9:46 am

In the context of reducing the budget deficit, a new Bloomberg poll (PDF) asked Americans if they would support pulling all troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan. The poll found an overwhelming 66 percent would favor this action, while only 30 percent oppose it. A full withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan was one of only [...]

What Was the “Message” Of the Election?

By: Thursday November 4, 2010 10:40 am

Peter Orszag has an oped in the New York Times regarding Social Security. It’s full of the usual Orszag claptrap in which he sets himself up as the sober, responsible judge, while “the left… seems adamantly opposed to restoring actuarial balance to Social Security.” Orszag ends with this: Given the left’s strident opposition to any [...]

Americans to Congress: Give Us Jobs, Not Deficit Dance

By: Tuesday June 22, 2010 8:18 am

It is very impressive that the deficit fear-mongers, led by people like Peter Peterson, David Walker and Alan Simpson, have managed to get all of Washington worked into a self-destructive frenzy over the issue of the federal debt. The debt simply is not the issue regular Americans care about right now. Americans overwhelmingly rank jobs [...]

FDL Poll: 92%-97% Want FDL to Support Marijuana Legalization

By: Friday April 9, 2010 8:26 am

We recently polled both our online audience and our email list to determine if people thought t FDL should get involved in the marijuana legalization ballot initiatives in California, Washington and Oregon. The support was overwhelming — 97% online and 92% from our email list. Yes Percent No Percent Online 2,741 97% 99 3% Email [...]

USA Today/Gallup Poll: There Is Too Much Government Involvement in Health Care – And We Need More Government Involvement

By: Tuesday March 30, 2010 8:46 am

One of the problems with policy polling in this country is that regular Americans simply don’t understand policy–which is often not their fault. Some pieces of legislation, like the recently enacted health care law, are so complex, I doubt a majority of professional Washington DC journalists fully understand it. It seems people latch on to [...]

Opposition To Health Care Reform Mainly From Those Who Would Never Vote For Democrats

By: Wednesday February 17, 2010 9:25 am

A new PPP poll is making the rounds today. The poll reports that half of Americans (50%) are opposed health care reform, and only 39% state support. What is interesting is the source of much of the opposition: Digging a little deeper on those numbers though 64% of respondents planning or open to voting Democratic [...]

Baron Hill Is Losing by 8 Points to His GOP Opponent and Other Tales of the Painfully Obvious

By: Tuesday February 16, 2010 10:08 am

If Rahm Emanuel’s plan to jam the anti-choice, anti-EFCA, homophobic Hill onto the ticket was disrupted as a result of our polling, don’t hold your breath waiting for me to get too worked up about it.

Baron Hill may be a favorite of the DC establishment, but he’s got so much negative baggage going in it would be almost impossible for him to win — certainly without the help of the unions. Anything that keeps him off the ticket is a favor to the entire Democratic party.

Oh, and by the way, in case you run into Marc Ambinder: