Why Pelosi isn’t at the Table: She Doesn’t Say No

By: Monday June 27, 2011 7:42 am

The negotiation table is like the poker table, you don’t get a seat unless you have chips to pay with. By failing to prove she actually has the will and/or power to say no, Pelosi has shown the president she has no leverage, so doesn’t deserve a seat.

Updated Supplemental Whip Count — We Have 34 of the 39 Votes We Need

By: Friday June 12, 2009 7:17 pm

Thanks to everyone who has worked tirelessly on this project — Howie Klein, David Swanson, Bob Fertik, Robert Greenwald, Jason Rosenbaum, Green Mountain DailyPaul Martin, Jonathan Schwartz, Robert Naiman, Ryan Anderson, Kagro X, Glenn Greenwald, Digby, McJoan, Turn Maine BlueMarkos, Mark Weisbrot and the folks at CEPR, and especially everyone who made phone calls and wrote letters.

As Kagro says, it’s been a game changer.   Let’s see how far we can take it.

Supplemental Whip Count Update: 32 “No,” 15 “Leaning No” — We Need 39

By: Friday June 12, 2009 8:38 am

I guess the Whip Count deities must be smiling on us this morning. I’m counting 32 “No” votes for the supplemental, and 15 “leaning no.” We need 39 votes.

These calls are having a big effect.  Members are hearing that “Cash for Clunkers” is chump change, and not a satisfactory reason for switching their votes on an issue like war funding.  They’re being heavily pressured by Rahm Emanuel to abandon their principles, and the only support they’re getting for doing the right thing are your calls.

Please let members of congress know that you stand by them in opposing this bill  — your call is important..

Lieberman Whines About Photos, Barney Frank Wants Hearings

By: Wednesday June 10, 2009 9:10 am

Joe Lieberman on NPR, on his demand to hold the Senate hostage until the release of the detainee abuse photos is blocked:

If this amendment is dropped, senator Graham and I will not go quietly into that good night.
Of course you won’t, Joe.  You’ll be the giant narcissistic pain-in-the-ass showboating demagogue you’ve always been, which your colleagues who helped to empower you so richly deserve.