HHS’s Foolish Decision to Game Signup Numbers

By: Thursday November 20, 2014 10:20 am

If this turns out to be true, it ranks as one of the most idiotic decisions made for the sake of political spin. Bloomberg is reporting that HHS secretly included stand alone dental plans in their exchange signup numbers to make them look bigger. From Bloomberg: The Obama administration included as many as 400,000 dental [...]

Why Silver Health Insurance Plans Are the Most Popular

By: Friday May 2, 2014 8:25 am

By far the most popular type of plan¬†on the Affordable Care Act exchanges is “silver,” but this was entirely by design. From HHS: Marketplace Plan Selection by Metal Level 20 percent of the persons who have selected a Marketplace plan have selected a Bronze plan 65 percent of the persons who have selected a Marketplace [...]

Exchange Sign Ups Hit 4.2 Million

By: Tuesday March 11, 2014 1:34 pm

By the end of February roughly 4.2 million people have selected plans on the new health care exchanges according to the Department of Health and Human Services. That means just under a million new individual selected policies last month, roughly the same number who signed up in January. During the entire open enrollment period so [...]

Exchange Signups Reach Four Million

By: Wednesday February 26, 2014 8:03 am

The number of people who have selected plans on the new state or federally run exchanges has reached four million according to the Obama administration. Health and Human Services claims approximately 4 million people have now signed up for a private health insurance plan through the Federal and State-based marketplaces since October 1, but a [...]

Young People Aren’t Flocking to Obamacare Yet

By: Tuesday January 14, 2014 7:11 am

After a very long delay the federal government has finally started releasing demographic data about who is signing up for coverage on the new exchanges. According to Department of Health and Human Services only 24 percent of people who have signed up for coverage on either the state or federal exchanges are between the ages [...]

HHS Moves to Expand Exchange Deadlines

By: Friday December 13, 2013 7:22 am

Problems with the Healthcare.gov website as well as low enrollment means significantly fewer people are going to be covered come January than the Obama administration planned, so they are doing everything they can to maximize the numbers. Previously, they pushed back the deadline from December 15th to the 23rd and now they are asking insurers [...]

Medicaid Expansion Going Well, Exchange Improved but Still Lagging

By: Wednesday December 11, 2013 7:40 am

The latest Obamacare enrollment numbers for November from the Department of Health and Human Services are a mixed bag for the administration. On the plus side the exchanges are working better and this is helping to increase the number of people selecting plans. Over 360,000 people selected a private insurance plan on one of the [...]

Online SHOP Exchanges Delayed for a Year

By: Friday November 29, 2013 8:38 am

As part of a big holiday news dump the Obama administration announced that the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) exchanges will be completely delayed for a year. Small business will be able to buy exchange qualified coverage offline to try to qualify for the available tax credits, but the online web portal will not [...]

HHS Releases Some Data About Premiums on Federally Run Exchanges

By: Wednesday September 25, 2013 8:14 am

With less than a week until the federally run exchanges in over a 30 states are set to open, we are finally starting to get our first look at what the premiums will be. The HHS has put out some selective data on average cost and what a young 27 year old will pay. That [...]

Premiums on the Exchanges Are Slightly Lower Than CBO Expected

By: Thursday July 18, 2013 9:18 am

Average premiums on the health insurance exchanges are coming in slightly lower than what the Congressional Budget Office predicted back in 2012. A new report for HHS compares these predictions from over a year ago to the premiums now being submitted by insurance companies in several states. From the HHS: This is modest good news for [...]