Many European Countries Think Economic Integration Hurt Their Economies

By: Tuesday May 29, 2012 11:57 am

Of all the European countries surveyed by Pew it was only Germany where a majority of people believe European economic integration has strengthened the economy. In most other European countries the people believe it has weakened their economy. From Pew Research: I think it is interesting that the polling basically matches the economic data. Germany [...]

As Dow Swings, Obama To Come Out Against Audit the Fed Today

By: Thursday May 6, 2010 12:08 pm

The Dow is swinging wildly–down as much as 980 points within the last hour–largely due to insecurity about the situation in Greece and shaky retail sales. And according to Brad DeLong, who is generally pretty tight with the White House, Obama will come out in opposition to Audit the Fed this afternoon. At a time [...]

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