Justice Department Must Do More for Victims of the Financial Crisis Than Just Sue Standard & Poors

By: Monday February 25, 2013 12:02 pm

We’re happy to see the Department of Justice take Standard & Poor’s to court — but this civil suit represents just a small first step in holding Wall Street accountable for the 2008 financial crisis. Many people are still unsatisfied about the lack of prosecutions against Wall Street fraudsters. We need to make sure the [...]

Obama Ramps up Health Care Fraud Prosecutions

By: Tuesday August 30, 2011 9:11 am

In the last year the Obama administration has ramped up efforts to prosecute those committing health care fraud and it is producing results. From USA Today: The statistics, released by the non-partisan Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, show 903 prosecutions so far this year. That’s a 24% increase over the total for all of fiscal year [...]

Voters Inexplicably Dropped from Ohio Rolls

By: Tuesday November 4, 2008 12:59 pm

Election Protection is getting reports of Ohio voters whose names have mysteriously vanished from the voter rolls:

“B-Girl” Ashley Todd Out of Jail

By: Thursday October 30, 2008 12:33 pm

The College Republican and McCain campaign volunteer who staged her own mugging and blamed backwards “B” scratched into her face on a fictitious big black Barack Obama supporter is out of jail.

Ashley Todd, 20, will be required to undergo mental health treatment. If she stays out of trouble, her criminal record will be expunged.

Todd the Fraud Blames the Media

By: Friday October 24, 2008 1:07 pm

The hoaxster who scratched a “B” into her own cheek and claimed that a fictional black Obama-supporting thug did it now blames the media for blowing her politically-motivated hate crime into a political firestorm: “She just opened up and said she wanted to tell the truth,” Bryant said, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “She was upset with the media for blowing this into a political firestorm.”

GOP Contractor Linked to Registration Fraud in CA Also Gathering Signatures for Nader in AZ

By: Sunday October 19, 2008 10:43 am

Young Political Majors is a GOP-linked consulting firm that has been accused of tricking California voters in to registering as Republicans under the guise of signing a petition to get tough on child molesters.

ACORN = Stabbed in the Back

By: Friday October 17, 2008 10:43 am

Why have the Republicans redoubled their attacks on the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) as Obama’s lead increases?

Nuts About ACORN: Why the Right Hates Community Organizers

By: Monday October 13, 2008 10:59 am

John Atlas provides some valuable context for L’Affaire ACORN. We already know how much Republicans hate community organizers. But why are the feds targeting this particular group weeks before the election?

Rolling Stone Destroys Myth of Maverick McCain

By: Sunday October 5, 2008 4:07 pm

Rolling Stone‘s cover story, Make-Believe Maverick, is a brutal and brilliant expose of John McCain’s pretensions of valor. The story opens with a telling anecdote: In 1974 McCain runs into Lt. Col. John Dramesi, a fellow former POW. Unlike McCain, Dramesi refused to give a false confession under torture. So, the encounter is awkward. Both [...]