Looking at Our Budget and Our Actual Needs

By: Friday April 6, 2012 8:20 am

If you are truly worried about the budget deficit, which is an idiotic thing to actually be worried about at a time of incredibly low government borrowing rates and high unemployment, the place to start would be looking at the basic outline of the federal budget. From the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: As [...]

The Federal Budget and Typical American Families – A Toadish Analogy

By: Thursday February 17, 2011 4:10 pm

The worst part is not that President Obama has recently forfeited the rhetorical war with Republicans by adopting their tired trope–like regular families are tightening their belts during this recession, the federal budget needs to, as well–but that the analogy is horribly wrong. Their are probably no two entities that technically have budgets that are [...]

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