House GOP Proud to Pay for Four Months of War with Big Spending Cuts at Home

By: Thursday February 17, 2011 1:00 pm

The new class of House Republicans came to Washington to make cuts, and that is exactly what they have begun doing. They have quite proudly managed to put together a continuing resolution that will cut $61 billion from existing programs. No doubt these Republicans will be held up as “serious people” who are willing to [...]

Your Tax Dollars Bought Those Tanks on Streets of Egypt

By: Friday January 28, 2011 2:35 pm

With protest continuing in Egypt against President Hosni Mubarak despite a curfew, the government has ordered the army to help put down the protest. According to Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Eqypt’s total military expenditures in 2009 was $3.6 billion. Mubarak’s administration has been one of largest recipients of American military support ever, receiving $1.3 [...]

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