State Health Exchange Boards Filled with Individuals Tied to Insurance Industry

By: Thursday August 25, 2011 8:37 am

The recently appointed Connecticut state health care exchange board contains three former high ranking private insurance executives. From the CT Mirror: The members of the new panel include three former insurance executives, the head of a coalition of health plans for unionized workers, the head of a green energy business, and a health policy scholar [...]

SustiNet Supporters Get Modest Concessions from CT Gov. Malloy

By: Tuesday May 17, 2011 6:33 pm

Earlier this year, Connecticut’s Democratic Governor, Dannel Malloy, reached a deal that effectively gutted much of the SustiNet proposal that was a top goal of many health care activists in Connecticut. Originally, the SustiNet plan would have combined everyone currently covered by the state into a single insurance pool, and they would be offered a [...]

Connecticut’s Potential State-Based Public Option to Be Killed by Dem Gov. Malloy

By: Friday April 22, 2011 1:31 pm

It looks like the possibility of a strong, state-based public option in Connecticut has been killed by the state’s top Democrats, lead by Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy. From the CT Mirror: The Malloy administration and Democratic legislative leaders have reached an agreement on the proposed SustiNet state-run health plan, with a deal that calls for [...]

Connecticut’s Possible Public Option, SustiNet, Clears First Legislative Hurdle

By: Tuesday March 8, 2011 11:56 am

The SustiNet health care bill recently cleared its first of many legislative huddles in Connecticut. From Hartford Courant: The SustiNet health bill cleared a hurdle in the General Assembly on Monday when the public health committee voted 16-10 to approve it — with minor changes. Under SustiNet, Connecticut would create large pools of health care [...]

A Look at SustiNet: Connecticut’s Potential Public Option

By: Monday January 17, 2011 7:46 am

Connecticut is poised to be on the leading progressive edge of what is possible under the new federal health care law by providing a rather robust state-based public option. If the state adopts the proposed SustiNet health plan (PDF) it would integrate the many different group insurance plans the state currently provides into a unified [...]

Connecticut Informed That Private Insurance Exchanges Are Bad Deals for Consumers, Taxpayers

By: Wednesday January 5, 2011 2:21 pm

The subsidized private health insurance exchanges created by the new health care law are going to do a very poor job of providing affordable health care to the low income Americans they are meant to serve, according to a new draft report to the Connecticut General Assembly from the Sustinet Health Partnership Board of Directors. [...]

Health Care Action in the States

By: Friday July 31, 2009 12:04 pm

Here’s a round-up of the latest action in Minnesota, Oklahoma, Colorado, Connecticut, Kentucky, Texas, New Mexico, Montana, Maryland and Delaware.