Just Say Now: Boardwalk Empire Watch Party Tonight at 9pm ET on Firedoglake

By: Sunday September 19, 2010 8:50 am

We’ll be having a Boardwalk Empire watch party starting each week at 9pm ET, sponsored by the Just Say now campaign. We’ll have special guests and hosts, contests and a lively discussion in the comments that will hopefully be entertaining even for those who aren’t watching.

Join us tonight at 9pm ET as Just Say Now hosts the first Boardwalk Empire watch party.

Finding Leverage Points, Flexing Muscles: Lessons from the Anti-Saloon League, Part Four

By: Sunday June 13, 2010 6:00 am

Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it and I shall move the world. –Archimedes Leverage is literally a force multiplier. In politics, a relatively small number of very dedicated volunteers, donors and voters can have an impact far greater than their numbers if they act with precision. The [...]

Valuing Natural Allies over Existing Animus: Lessons from the Anti-Saloon League, Part Three

By: Wednesday June 9, 2010 6:00 am

These are the necessities of politics: exposure, campaign contributions, volunteers and votes. If you want to reward or punish politicians, these are the tools at your disposal. If, like the Anti-Saloon League in the early 20th century, you hope to achieve massive national political change, you’ll need to cast your web wide to find dedicated [...]