AARP Backs Down on Supporting Benefit Cuts

By: Monday November 19, 2012 7:40 am

This is what a grassroots victory looks like. Last year when President Obama was trying to get a deficit deal that would significantly cut social safety net benefits, AARP was giving him cover. Now after receiving too much blowback, AARP is no longer supporting cuts.

AARP Listens to Members; Drops Falsely-Limited Survey on Future of Social Security & Medicare Benefits

By: Friday June 8, 2012 9:27 am

After pressure from activists from Firedoglake, the National Organization for Women, CREDO Action and Social Security Works, the AARP has listened to its membership and dropped its narrow survey on the future of Social Security and Medicare. In April, I wrote about how AARP’s “You’ve Earned a Say” survey seemed like nothing more than a [...]

Shorter AARP: We’ll Analyze the Bill Until After It’s Passed

By: Monday August 1, 2011 11:41 am

The vote is tonight and they’re “studying” it. Studying it until when? Until it’s too late?

If Congress splits town after they pass this bill, maybe we can all celebrate by reviving the “burn your AARP card” party.  We’re certainly going to keep it alive, so that when the cuts start coming or seniors don’t get their cost-of-living increases, they’ll know who to blame.

AARP’s Weasel Words Leave Door Open to Supporting Chained-CPI in the Future

By: Thursday July 21, 2011 10:54 am

In a classic example of weasel words from the AARP, they have come out strongly against changing the cost of living adjustment (COLA) as part of the Gang of Six proposal, but made sure to leave the door open to supporting it in the near future. From AARP press release about the Gang of Six: [...]

AARP Email Admits They’re Open to Cutting Social Security (again)

By: Friday June 24, 2011 9:23 am

Ever since news outlets reported that the AARP will not oppose cuts Social Security, the group has been desperately churning out press releases, blog posts and tweets to try and spin their position as one of ardent defenders of the program. As Jane wrote yesterday, if AARP wants credit for ‘saving’ or ‘protecting’ Social Security, [...]

Dear AARP: Enough With the Weasel Words. Will You or Won’t You?

By: Thursday June 23, 2011 8:06 am

If AARP is really opposed to cutting Social Security benefits as part of a “grand bargain” to reduce the deficit, you’d think they’d come right out and say it. Instead, they’re just recycling all of President Obama’s weasel-word tactics about “supporting” the public option (and we all know how well that worked out).

AARP’s Years of Support for Social Security Cuts

By: Wednesday June 22, 2011 12:30 pm

The Wall Street Journal recently reported the AARP will support benefit cuts to Social Security. The AARP responded by saying that “our position has not changed on Social Security.” That’s actually true. For years, the AARP has been open to cutting Social Security benefits. Below is the proof of AARP’s clear willingness cut Social Security. [...]

AARP has Been Talking for Months About Being Open to Social Security Cuts

By: Wednesday June 22, 2011 7:26 am

AARP is very much open to supporting cutting Social Security benefits. AARP’s push back and non-denial related to the recent Wall Street Journal article was simply that they didn’t want people to infer that AARP supported Social Security being part of the specific deficit ceiling negotiations going on at this moment. Separate from those exact [...]

As AARP Abandons Social Security, It’s Time to Step Up Our Efforts

By: Friday June 17, 2011 1:06 pm

Tell AARP:Hands Off Social Security Sign our letter telling AARP that we will fight any attempts to make cuts to Social Security. » Read the whole letter The Wall Street Journal reported this morning that the AARP has officially reversed its course and will be no longer working to protect Social Security. In a direct [...]

There Goes Your Magic Savings From The PhRMA Deal

By: Monday November 16, 2009 10:20 am

The New York Times is reporting that the drug companies have dramatically jacked up the prices of their medications this year to lock in profits before reform starts. In the last year, the industry has raised the wholesale prices of brand-name prescription drugs by about 9 percent, according to industry analysts. That will add more [...]