Your Kids’ Lives Are Fodder For Ideology

Shoot-em-ups for the classroom

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Sometimes the wingers get downright funny with their attempts to override good sense.  This particular time, they’re dangerous.   In several states, concealed weapons in the classroom is the latest image the crazees are promoting.   That ignores the fact that kids’ lives are at stake.

In another outbreak of the criminal conspiracy to endanger kids, an amendment was shoved into Texas Democratic State Senator Judith Zaffirini’s educational bill that would have imposed concealed carry weapons on classrooms in the state.

To her great credit, Zaffirini withdrew the bill even though it denied educational benefits to our kids, in order to make their lives safer.

Texas senators voted Tuesday for an amendment to a higher education bill that would allow concealed-handgun-license holders to carry their weapons into public university classrooms, but the angry sponsor of the bill stopped the measure from getting a final vote.

The 19-12 vote in favor of the concealed-guns amendment was significant because it was the first by either the full Senate or House on an issue that has become a flash point of controversy in the 2011 session.

But minutes later, Sen. Judith Zaffirini, D-Laredo, pulled the full bill from further consideration and vowed to let it die, fulfilling a promise she made last week when Sen. Jeff Wentworth, R-San Antonio, first tried the maneuver.


Zaffirini’s bill would allow university officials to consolidate and reduce the number of reports they are required to present to the state, potentially saving them millions of dollars in manpower and materials.

Being nuts about guns has always been popular with the extreme right wing.   That they put their bravado push above the lives of kids is as disreputable as it gets.  Fighting back a reasonable and appropriate bill to put kids in danger is typical behavior for the nutcases.

When making a point that denies basic human decency as appropriate for any state, locale, or country is their creed, the right sinks beneath contempt.  Endangering school kids is a borderline, and the crazees are blithely, sadly, unaware that by breaking through it they show their true, dangerous, colors.

Ideology that wants to endanger kids to make their extreme lifestyle part of the national scene is a threat to the security of the human race.

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