Healthcare Reform Passes, A Good Start, But Only A Start

With the pasage of healthcare reform legislation, 32 million currently uninsured Americans will gain health insurance coverage, this is a good start on universal healthcare, but we are far from finished here, with 22 million people still left uninsured. Everyone in the United States of America, the wealthiest nation in the world, deserves basic healthcare coverage.

Women should not be denied access to abortion coverage, the right to choose should not be only for the wealthy.

The rich and the large corporate entities need to pick up a much larger share of the cost of America’s social safety net.

In our life time we have seen an extraordinary expansion of democracy, corporate power, and corporate control of the media as a means of protecting corporate power against democracy. The millions spent on the negative media campaign by those who would refuse basic human rights to our poorest is proof positive.

There is no freedom for those who endure abject poverty, only despair, and there is no salvation for those who ignore the plight of the hungry, sick, and homeless, when they have the means to eliminate it, and refuse. The United States of America can never be the land of the free for any of us unless we make it the land of the free for all of us. – Bob Daraio

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