Ron Paul, Voter Turnout in Iowa, Our Broken System, and Teh Kabuki.

Warning: Cartoon Filming Ahead! by The Rocketeer
Warning: Cartoon Filming Ahead! ~by The Rocketeer~


I rarely deign to spend any of my time any longer following the kabuki presented to us lemmings as a substitute for our late democracy; for much the same reason that I don’t spend time watching or engaging  in dialogues about reality TV, or TV of any sort for that matter. But I still find myself astonished at times like today, at the amount of time dedicated to that endeavor by others.

I spent a fair amount of time this past weekend engaging in Occupy Tucson activities as one of about a hundred participants at the meetings I attended; and as a result of spending time around the 20 unflappable patriots who are sleeping on concrete sidewalks at the perimeter of Vente de Agosto Park, I find myself with strep throat, a temperature, housebound, and really really bored. Thus……the kabuki analysis.

According to a HuffPo article here, the voter turnout for the Iowa caucuses set an all time record yesterday coming in at 122,255. To provide some perspective for this all time record, the GOP caucuses in Iowa in 2008 turned out 119,000. When viewed through the cloudy prism of 8 years of  Prince George the Appointed’s presidency and no chance that Republicans could win, that any Iowans turned out to the GOP caucus in 2008 is amazing; this year’s all time record turnout when juxtaposed against 2008 is a road runner cartoon anvil dropping on your head from a 2,012′  tall cliff for those of you who haven’t yet experienced a personal epiphany revealing to you that our democracy is long dead.

Here are some facts from the 2010 census. Iowa has a total population of 3,046,355; if you remove 24% because they’re underage, and 5% because they are not citizens, you are left with +/- 2,162,912 when I crunch the numbers. Incredibly, nearly that many Iowans are actually registered to vote at 2,091,000. I would have lost money on that bet. Iowans are really good at registering to vote. Really. Good.

From the Des Moines Register we find that those Iowans who registered as “other” total 772,725, and those registered as Republicans total 607,567, for a grand total of 1,380,292 possible participants in this year’s GOP caucus. When you crunch the numbers on that one, less than 9% of Iowans bothered to participate in choosing the Republican presidential nominee. That number merits repetition…….9%.

In other “As Teh Kabuki Turns” news :

You can watch a 6 minute interview clip here of ABC’s Terry Moran questioning Ron Paul yesterday, where he as much as admits to the role he’s been assigned in the Kabuki. Don’t have 6 minutes? Here’s the salient quote :

An amazing admission tonight from Ron Paul.

In an exclusive interview, I asked him: “When you lay your head on your pillow at night, do you see yourself in the Oval Office?”

“Not really,” he said.

He went on to say that he’s not blind to the odds, but they are “not as slim as they were 25 years ago.”

Hard to imagine any other candidate saying that.

In it to win it indeed!

Just can’t make this shit up……..and why would you want to?

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