Occupy Explained in Christmas Terms……..a Video; + Tucson Update.

Hey FireDogs………thought you’d enjoy this if you haven’t come across it yet.

In news from Tucson :
Occupy Tucson was raided and removed from their third attempt to Occupy a public park and have been reduced at this point to maintaining an overnight vigil of less than twenty people on the sidewalk adjacent to Vente de Agosto park which was until last Wednesday, their second Occupy site.

In other Occupy Tucson news :

U.S. District Judge Cindy K. Jorgenson has ruled that Occupy Tucson has not offered any legal arguments to invalidate the city’s ordinance that prohibits camping in city parks and they will not be allowed to move back into Veinte de Agosto Park after denying an attorney’s motion Thursday to temporarily stop the city from enforcing the city code.

Temporary restraining orders can only be issued when plaintiffs can show they will ultimately succeed on the merits of their federal lawsuit said Jorgenson.

Wish I had something to relate that was more along the lines of Holiday cheer…….. but if any of this were easy it wouldn’t be necessary in the first place. 
 Stay Strong, and take care of one another.

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