Talk Is Cheap

Bullshit, Bibi…! Even the Grey Lady called you out on the ‘Freeze’…

Despite Settlement Freeze, Buildings Rise

…The Israeli construction freeze, which did not extend to East Jerusalem, was politically difficult for Mr. Netanyahu, with his right-wing coalition partners. He has called the stoppage “exceptional” and “extraordinary.” But an examination of the freeze after more than seven months suggests that it amounts to something less significant, at least on the ground. In many West Bank settlements, building is proceeding apace…

From the Jpost…

PM: Direct talks coming soon

…“We are ready to go to Cairo, Washington, ready to go anywhere in order to give flesh and bones to this initiative and get this process moving,” Netanyahu said when asked by reporters whether the talks would begin in Egypt or in the US.

“For the past year and a half, I’ve been trying to have direct meetings, without a predetermined agenda, with the Palestinian Authority,” he said. “We have to have patience. Of course, we won’t need to wait for many months or many years. I believe that with some patience you will see results.” […]

In their joint press conference, Papandreou endorsed Netanyahu’s call for direct negotiations to begin as soon as possible.

“It is necessary that direct talks between Israel and the Palestinians begin immediately,” the Greek prime minister said. “This is the most useful way to achieve a viable peace.”

What are these ‘Preconditions’ or predetermined agenda that Bibi continually states he won’t be bound by? An end to the occupation? An end to the continued expansion of the Settlements? The establishment of a Palestinian state? Those are all the fundamental premises behind all the past agreements…! Starting, at least, from the Oslo Accords(’93), and continuing throughout: Oslo II (’95), Hebron Agreement (’97), Wye River Memorandum (’98), 2000 Camp David Summit, The Road Map (’03), and, lastly, The Annapolis Conference (’07)…

Well, the veritable proof is in the pudding…

Settlements Established and Evacuated 1967-2008

Btw, isn’t it interesting to note that all the Israeli settlements built in Gaza were dismantled, and, only four Settlements, in the ever-diminishing ‘Archipelago’ that is the West Bank, were ‘evacuated’ since ’67…?

If you look at the Jordan Valley, as the Guardian notes…

Jordan Valley is a microcosm of Israel’s colonisation

Israeli land seizure and ethnic cleansing should be met with arrest warrants – not arms sales and diplomatic games

…The Jordan Valley, stretching all the way down the West Bank’s eastern side, is a microcosm of Israel’s discriminatory policies of colonisation and displacement. For 40 years, settlements have been established, military no-go areas declared, and Palestinians’ freedom of movement restricted. There are now 27 colonies in the Jordan Valley – most of them had been established by the late 1970s under Labour governments. There are also nine "unauthorised" outposts. In the 1990s, the size of territory afforded to the settlements increased by 45%. […]

This is a stark example of Israeli apartheid. Across the Jordan Valley, thriving Jewish settlements – whose very presence is illegal under international law – produce vegetables and fruits for export, their communities integrated into the main infrastructure and communications network of the Israeli state. Afforded generous "master plans" for development by the Israeli state, all around these settlements are Palestinians whose very livelihoods are threatened by the occupation.

Perhaps the main method of making normal life impossible for the Palestinians is to prevent "legal" construction…

It seems that even Fatah is saying enough already…!

Fatah says no
Historic party figures are speaking out against resuming, on Washington’s bidding, unconditional and open talks with Israel

…Qurei noted that 19 years of talks with Israel achieved no results. "Not a single file has been sealed," he said. Qurei argued that given the futility of talks and Israel’s adamant refusal to give up the spoils of the 1967 war, it was pointless to keep going just for the sake of it.

"It seems utterly impossible to reach an agreement with Israel. Therefore, the Palestinian people must seek alternatives," Qurei said. The elderly Fatah leader tacitly criticised the present Palestinian leadership in Ramallah for "succumbing to the meaningless controversy" over having direct or indirect talks with Israel. "This is not the problem. The problem is that Israel is not willing to end its occupation and allow for the creation of a viable Palestinian state."

"The Americans are telling us just to sit down with the Israelis and talk and talk and talk. That is all." […]

…Amr further criticised capitalising on "the mantra of American pressure" to push the Palestinian people into submission or capitulation. "There are those amongst us who are trying to portray American pressure as if it were expedient to our interests, not Israeli interests." Amr said the Obama administration was now dealing with the PA from the viewpoint of "trying to please a losing player", citing, as an example, the upgrading of PLO representation to Washington.

Woo-hoo…! What an upgrade… PLO Mission in Washington permitted to fly Palestinian flag. I’m sure the Palestinians are moved by ObamaRahma’s magnaminous gesture…!


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