Obama’s big “win”…seriously, O-Bots, who cares?

(Thanks to Frank33 for pointing me to the dailykos article in question.)

Now that, for now, Obama has not quite yet gutted Social Security, and is in full lecture mode, some of his supporters are attacking those of us who doubted the greatness of his 1100-rated chess skills.  (That’s an in-joke; 1100 means you barely know how to move the pieces.)  Here’s a delightful piece from deaniac83 at daily kos:  http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/07/23/997828/-President-Obamas-Evisceration-of-Republican-No-tax-Religion,-and-A-Lesson-in-Trust-for-Progressives

On Thursday night, lots of people were running around screaming, “The sky is falling, the sky is falling” over rumor-mill reports that President Obama was willing to give Republicans as much as $3 trillion in spending cuts, devastating our social safety net, without securing any guaranteed tax revenue increase. Well, whaddya know, despite tons of hair catching on fire, the rumor mills were lying to you. Shocked, I’m shocked I tell you that there’s rumors flying around in our national media!

But it turns out that the President held his ground as strongly as ever that significant revenue increases would be required to get any meaningful deal done on deficit reduction. So John Boehner turned tail and ran. The President took no prisoners in his press conference and laid bare the real Republican agenda to the American people in his press conference: protect the tax code welfare to the ultra wealthy rather than solve the nation’s huge debt problem.

So let me see if I got this right…Obama puts major cuts to SS/Medicare/Medicaid on the table, but because Boehner won’t agree to some tax raises, that’s a “win” because Obama has shown that Boehner is not serious about deficit reduction?  Is that the gist?

Well, in the words of Cliff Spab…So Fuckin’ What?

CASE A:  Obama offers cuts, Boehner says “deal”!  A few loopholes get closed and old people suffer and die.

CASE B:  Obama offers cuts, Boehner won’t allow the loopholes to get closed.  Obama gets to go on TV and lecture Boehner on “shared sacrifice”.

What sort of “Democratic President” would risk CASE A occuring?  If it was 50/50 that Boehner would chose “B”, if it was 10-1 odds he’d choose “B”, if it was 100-1 odds…how the hell can you engage in the most potentially-disastrous political brinkmanship (destroying lives and your party’s greatest legacy) when the reward is so small?  So you get to go on TV and claim the high ground…SFW?

Well, if you don’t care about Social Security,  the Democratic Party, or people’s lives,  it’s pretty easy.  As Obama has proven.

And what has he gained, by pulling off this supposedy-brilliant-but-risky gambit? (Per the O-bots, that is…there’s still a very good chance that what actually happened is Obama was begging Boehner for a fig leaf, got snubbed and is trying to save face.)  What is his great reward?  Why he’s “exposed” that the Repubs aren’t serious about the deficit!  That they care more about keeping taxes low than cutting the deficit!  OMG ppl!  Our Guy just pwned their guy!  Suck it, n00bz!!

Well, except that…

1)  Most people don’t care about the deficit (named as the key problem facing the government by a whopping 7% of the public in the most recent polling), and

2) More people are concerned about keeping taxes low than cutting deficits.  So going to all this trouble to say “The Republicans like tax cuts better than fixing deficits!”?  Not really a big “win”, guys.

(Actually, Obama’s framing “win” will probably get the Republicans votes.  “President Obama has said the budget deficit is so important that he’s willing to cut Social Security and Medicare benefits.  Speaker Boehner has said that not raising taxes is more important than the budget deficit.  Whose priorities do you agree with?”  Can’t see Obama winning that poll.)

And meanwhile, the gutting of SS/MM has been firmly placed on the table, and has been celebrated as a good thing by this “Democratic” president.  And the $800 billion in “revenue” that Boehner had agreed to?  Oh that’s the (possible) expiration of the Bush/Obama tax welfare for the wealthy, which Obama had sworn last December he would never ever ever ever extend again, honest, no backsies, so why that’s even up for discussion, I have no clue.

Unless the clue is that Obama is a lying sack of filth who won’t be satisfied until 98% of this country is broke and homeless, that is.  Nah…deaniac83 tells me that Obama is the man!  He’s “laid bare the Republican agenda”! (Which apparently was a big mystery or something?)  That’s way more important than fighting for economic equality and improving people’s lives!



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