John McCain: The Dance Remix– “I don’t care what you say and what others say!”

It’s a Candid Camera moment of a significant elected official saying these Constitution-ripping words to constituents. I also don’t think anyone has forgotten The REAL John McCain or that "McCain inflicted Palin on the world. And, Palin gave us O’Donnell, among others" (h/t Joe Sudbay at AmericaBlog.Com).

Here’s some history of what has happened to Senators who have refused to do their job:

The House of Representatives did impeach a senator once:[6] Senator William Blount, in 1798. The Senate expelled Senator Blount and, after initially hearing his impeachment, dismissed the charges for lack of jurisdiction.[7] Left unsettled was the question whether members of Congress were civil officers of the United States. The House has not impeached a Member of Congress since Blount. As each House has the authority to expel its own members without involving the other chamber, expulsion has been the method used for removing Members of Congress.

– from "Impeachment," Wikipedia, accessed Sept. 25, 2010 at 3:34 EDT

Are you kidding me? This appears to say that Congress hasn’t been held accountable since 1798?

Alright, dear Fellow Americans, I post this for your consideration and for the record.

Update: Inquiring minds want to know if McCain will get a Tweet from Sarah Palin (no evidence Christine O’Donnell knows howz to Twitterz) to help him out?

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