Introducing Meem — a Lebanese organization for LBTQ women


What is Meem?

Meem is a community of and for LBTQ women in Lebanon. LBTQ is defined as women who self-identify as lesbian, bisexual, transgender (including male-to-female and female-to-male), queer, in addition to women questioning their sexual orientation. We believe in diversity.

Meem is based on values of equality, support, confidentiality, and respect. The group was created on the idea that women should be encouraged to empower themselves and each other through mutual support. We are a closed, private group, not out of fear, but because we work hard on guarding the safety and security of our members. We believe in empowerment through self-organizing.

Our goal is to create a safe space in Lebanon where lesbians can meet, talk, discuss issues, share experiences, and work on improving their lives and themselves. In a nutshell, Meem is a group of really cool women who look out for each other and work on making Lebanon a better home for lesbians. Oh, and we are really cool :)

Membership in Meem is restricted only to LBTQ women who are Lebanese (anywhere in the world) or living in Lebanon (of any nationality). These restrictions are there because a support group needs to remain focused. Meem started with 4 members and today has 129 members.

We are, however, working on providing support services for lesbians all over the Arab world, and we do welcome emails and inquiries from anyone, regardless of gender, sexuality, and geography.

What does the name “Meem” stand for?

The name “Meem” is derived from the Arabic letter “m” which stands for ?????? ????? ?????? ??????? “majmouaat mou’azara lil-mar’a al-mithliya” (a support group for lesbian women). In Arabic, the letter looks like this:


The letter “meem” as an initial for the word lesbian (mithliya) also symbolizes the anonymity of lesbians in the Arab world. Plus, we love how the logo combines the Arabic letter with the female symbol :)

I believe it's important to foster queer liberation and self-empowerment in the Middle East. Give them your support and encouragement!– Hypatia

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