Something Funny Happened To Me On My Journey…

Esteemed Mayor Cabaldon,

I want to express my deep intimate appreciation of your appearance in the second episode of the first season of Logo Network’s Coming Out Stories, that I viewed online just yesterday afternoon via My name is James Parmley, I’m 46, a native of California, Navy veteran and currently residing in Mobile, Alabama. I’m in the current process of my own discovering journey of being bisexual.

That I could view the development of the story of a popularly elected official planning to come out to the constituency at a crucial time as you chose is, to me, transcendentally evolutionary. I approach the risk of being hyperbolic, but my own reaction to watching your episode is more than inspirational. That you chose to reveal the truth about yourself at such a critical event as the State of the City Address and be received accepted without unsolicited fanfare, to my point of view, lends itself to building hope in me. Hence, I send you this message to express my gratitude for allowing to have your story recorded as a faithful act of encouraging living in truth for others under the same circumstances.

I watched the episode about you and the first preceding episode, concerning a lesbian single mother coming out to her own terminally ill mother. The outstanding parallels I took away from those two episodes was the uneventual acceptance and knowing precognition revealed, leaving the preparation for the moment beforehand pleasingly anti-climatic. I also perceive the relationship between the lady of the first episode, Nancy, I believe, and her mom identical with that with my mom and myself, allowing to offer more strength and hope.As I mentioned, I am a native of California, raised in San Diego County, but also having lived nearby your own locale. My mom is a longtime resident of Tuoloumne County, close to Sonora, and I resided with my parents there before leaving for enlistment in the Navy. I plan on returning, hopefully soon as I found a job posting with the East Bay Regional Park District for which I have skills well developed. I will submit my resume and an application, to hopefully be employed with the district, and then I can continue my journey successfully.

Thank you, again, for your participation in sharing your history and attending to my hope.


James Parmley

Mobile, AL

[email protected]

Totally geeky, no? I found I couldn’t quell the emotions of gratitude within me until I offered this message of appreciation. I have only these online resources and the guidance of a very few suspecting co-workers in my support. I should thank all positively reinforcing influences. I spent the first 44 years searching with my emphasis on my place in Faith (yes, deliberately capitalized). Two floundered marriages. All this time to be liberated and set apart by Truth (again, deliberate), no hyperbole. Thanks to my God. Laugh for me?