Left- Right Alliance: The Mistrusting Siamese Twins

At this point we’ve got to start thinking about how this hoped-for left-right alliance is going to operate on the ground. It is important to forego the wedge issues and concentrate on defining the enemy.

It isn’t going to be easy. It will involve an inordinate amount of nose-holding on both sides. The Giant Corporate Financialists didn’t get where they are by being stupid and they are going to work hard to inflame every natural animosity that exists between the left and the right.

A national strategy needs to be devised. Every Congressional and Senate race should be analyzed and an understanding reached by the leaders of the left and the leaders of the right. Solid red districts should be ceded to the right and let them determine who is pimping and who is not. The left should not waste one penny on such races. A mirror image arrangement should exist for the left in solid blue districts. Information on each candidate should be shared by both sides to help determine who is solid and who is a liar.

The potential for real trouble waits in the "purple districts." Are we willing to vote for a Repub who says all the right things about Goldman-Sachs but calls abortion murder and wants to outlaw Gays from teaching schoolchildren? Will a lesbian, war protesting, pro-choice black woman collect conservative voters just because she advocates the return of Glass-Steagal and vows to fight for campaign finance reform? What are the solid criteria required for "the Alliance" to give a thumbs up to a candidate? Rest assured, mainstream Dems and R’s will be SAYING lots of "correct" things as well. They will try to dilute the message. It is up to us to "out" them and reject them.

The mainstream Dems and R’s are going to push their candidates and most of them are going to win. We should be elated with 15 or 20 anti-corporatists in the House and 2 in the Senate. That’s OK because we need mouthpieces. Loud ones.

We should draft Nader to run for the Senate or even the House. Some Progs say he is an egotist. I think he just got tired of talking to the Democratic Wall. He ran in 2004 and 2008 because he could see, far sooner than almost all of us, that we were being dished up the same old shit. Even if he is an egotist, he is still the most informed and effective spokesman for this cause and would command constant media attention both on the campaign and in office. Progs should swallow their pride and come to him with a request to run. We need everyone we can get in this battle. Ralph could be invaluable.

Whatever alliance emerges is going to be a misshapen, unwieldy beast. A Siamese twin with one brother not trusting the other. But it may be our only hope to force back the oligarchs and avoid watching the Nation fall ever deeper into the heart of darkness.

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