Sarah Palin Cannot Escape the Blame

When the republicans won big in November, Sarah Palin took a lot of credit and as usual, she was all smiles because she had accomplished much. Neither she, nor her supporters and spokespeople said she did not deserve to get credit for her part in the great republican win. Now that what she and others saw as a good strategy to win has backfired, she wants to escape blame? It appears to me that she has embraced politics and stardom at the expense of the true American values. Not understanding and or respecting different points of view, she took off to fight and oppose everyone who did not think like her. She preached a gospel of disunity and hate, and taught her followers to think of themselves as more American than others. What a shame for someone who calls herself a Christian!! And I am one of those Christians so am not saying this to criticize Christianity, but to say when one identifies one as a Christian, then one should conduct oneself according to the Christian values. Certainly, in my opinion, Sarah Palin has not done so. I have to say until the Obama elections two years ago, I voted republican, cause that lined up with my personal values. But I could not vote for Sarah, not for one who was so divisive. Am still glad that I have departed from circle, for indeed I would hate to have anything to do with a gospel of hate. If she indeed is sorry for the Saturday’s events in Tucson, then she should come out and call on her followers to put out their political venom. There are many people with mental health issues and are easily swayed by one with the kind of charisma Sarah has. I think she has used her talent for ill, not for peace and unity.

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