The Importance of Being Schumer

I’m wondering why anyone in their right mind would urge Americans to vote for Democrats. Ah, yes: better to be kicked to the curb with the left steel toed boot, than the right one.

U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer released the following statement on the planned merger of the New York Stock Exchange and Deutsche Borse:??“There are many things to like about this announcement, especially that it will open up new markets to NYSE and keep New York the world’s leading financial center. There is a long way to go before this is a done deal, and I will reserve judgment until all the details are settled. An outstanding issue that is important to me is the name of the new exchange. NYSE is one of the most preeminent brands in the financial industry, and there is no reason it shouldn’t come first in the new exchange’s name. If Deutsche Borse pushes any alternative name, it would be an indication that they are not viewing this deal as a merger of equals and that could have negative consequences with regard to future decisions on the merger’s implementations. The New York Stock Exchange will be the crown jewel in this new operation, and the name of the new company should reflect that.”??–U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer

We should be mindful of the fact that Schumer is next in line to Harry. This is the leadership and future of the Democrat(ic) party we are being asked to nurture.

In the Meantime the fall out from the glittering crown jewel in Schumers dystopian Democrat(ic) disconnect:

Food Prices Reach ‘Dangerous Levels’
Since last June, rising food prices have driven an estimated 44 million people into poverty.

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