Single Payer in Vermont

Russell Mokhiber, is the founder of, and he has penned an article: Insurance Execs Not Happy with Hsiao’s Single Payer, in which he reports on the state of a vibrant and independent action to reform health insurance in the State of Vermont.

“The Vermont legislature tasked Hsiao with putting forth and analyzing three proposals. A pure single payer government run system. The current system with a public option. And Hsiao’s preferred system – a single payer system run by an independent board.”

“Early indications are that supporters of a pure government run single payer system are willing to accept Hsiao’s public/private compromise. Physicians for a National Health Program’s (PNHP) Deb Richter told that while a government administered system “makes the most sense in terms of good policy,” the system doesn’t have to be controlled by the government to be effective.

While the default reaction from a left socialist perspective would be: government control or bust. It should by now have become quite clear to ‘statist’ lefties, that the government itself is not beyond cronyism, and rarely in fact in the business of protecting the interests of the population at large. Clinging to that position is therefore a canard, and the left should reconsider some of it’s arguably ossified positions.

But there is another bit of good news that may result from this approach. It would, if presented, test the Ron Paul libertarian position which I understand to allow for States to decide their own systems, ie: get Washington (crony bankers and corporatist monopolies) out of our lives. And if Ron Paul were to support Bernie Sanders with regards to Vermont’s rejection of Obama’s HCR monopoly, we may be looking at a major shift in the American political landscape

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