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"I am making the future" by dullhunk on flickr
"I am making the future" by dullhunk on flickr

Last night an FDL member cold-called me out of the blue, and it blew my whole mind as to what this site is all about.

I’ve been reading for a few years now, and donating to various single campaigns that they ran – I then became a member as soon as that happened. But this is my first post, and I’ve only written about 3 comments on the site.

The member who called me, Warren (what is your web handle, Warren?), told me that this is typical – out of all the paying members of FDL, the great majority have never posted a single comment or diary. Strange, I thought. Just like me.

We chatted for awhile about #OccupyWallSt, DemocracyNow, the utter failures of Barack Obama, the hostage mindset that Matt Taibbi describes in Griftopia (wherein the average American citizen cannot fathom the things that Goldman Sachs does could actually be jailable offenses), the good Brooklyn vegans who created Citizen Radio (daily podcast doing similar things to FDL) and a little theatre down on 13th St that he knows of (I am in NYC, and he told me to check the place out).

No website has ever called me on the phone before. It was a bit startling, but once the conversation got going, I realized I was talking to one of my own tribe. Something had clicked. What Jane has created here, and what many of us are trying to sustain, is a real-life group of people. We’re a herd. We’re a tribe. We’re a party.

With all the ish going down out there, it’s easy to get depressed and want to give up. Little moments like that phone call, little places like this website, are what makes it bearable. We’ve got to keep it going. Support your local and alternative media outlets. Turn on and tune in. Your people are out there, waiting for you.

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