Over Easy: Monday Science

Geckos stick to anything

Good Morning!

I hope you all have an excellent a weekend as we had  around here. Sunny and warm! I also discovered we’re raising a family of foxes, at least two kits. They’re living in my woods about 50 ft from the house. Cute little buggers, wish they were legal as pets!

Another story from the USS Reagan. Oopsie, it appears that the navy has lost his radiation records!

It appears that the JG withheld radiation records until AFTER people moved back in. This is because the data would have no effect on the lifting of the evac order!

Was it sabotage that caused a pump to flood another 200 tons  of hot water into a reactor basement? Here’s a good theory on exactly what happened. And there have been other odd incidents, too.

Water 4,000,000 times government limits found in trenches leading to the ocean. Possibly the source of the increased radiation numbers in the pacific?

Pakistan is going to ban Japanese foods. Am I the only one who finds it odd that Pakistan’s food safety laws seem stronger than Americas?

Japan is planning to build reactors in other countries even now. Because they can’t do so in their country and their nuke industry is as tight with their politicians as ours is.

In the very same issue of the very same paper: Fuku #1 boss admits situation is out of control.

Interview with a former mayor: Fuku radiation is killing the children and we’re not allowed to talk about it.

Simply info’s 3d year roundup on Fuku. Must good info, kinda disturbing.

The latest from WIPP. I was going to give a h/t for pointing it out to me, but somebody said they didn’t want it. So there a spare h/t in the jar by the register if anybody needs it.

Have you ever heard of a spaser? It’s basically a nanoscale laser. We’ve now developed one that could print a cellphone on your clothing! I wasn’t doing anything, officer, my cell phone keypad is printed on my Jockeys!

We can generate electricity by dragging water over Graphene!

Earth sized, in the habitable zone, orbiting a red dwarf. We found a potentially habitable planet! When I was a kid, even the existence of extrasolar planets was debated.  Largely for religious reasons, as I recall.

Gecko skin! In theory, it could attach anything to anything.

Beware the cuckoo mafia!

We can now study (A little bit) the inside of the sun!

I shall out away for a little bit, I must take the dogs for their summer shave. But I’ll be back and I do NOT want to find the cash register filled with pancake batter like last time!

Boxturtle (What do petless people do with all their spare time?)

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