Conspiracy Against Toyota, or Not?

I’m not your typical conspiracy theorist, although even I, from time to time, can get wrapped up in the latest Two Rivers, WI Grizzly sighting. (I swear to God, it was two thousand pounds if it was one) But I am becoming more aware by the day of what seems to be an attack on Toyota and Honda.

First, Toyota has experienced what I can only call the most publicized recall of vehicles ever. At last count, over 8.5 million vehicles had been issued recall notices for "sticky" gas pedals. If it’s news to you, welcome back from hibernation. It’s been all over the news for months. Today, Honda announced a recall notice for failing brakes on over 400,000 cars and trucks.

The weird thing is, why now? With American car companies struggling to stay in business, suddenly our two largest competitors, one of them, Toyota, the number one car maker in the world, are beset by quality problems. Again, why now? Is this merely a coincidence? Haven’t we known about Toyota’s sticky gas pedals for years? Of course we have.

I like Fords, personally, especially my ’95 Mustang, which waits patiently until July 14 when I can be sure all of the winter salt is gone before I bring it out. Still, am I the only person in America who thinks something is a bit fishy about all of this? Our media couldn’t wait to hang Toyota, and outside of the embarrassing event in 2008 when the three American Automakers arrived in Washington in their private jets, begging for Corporate Welfare, I can’t recall (no pun intended…okay, maybe just a little one) the last time a car company garnered so much bad press. Not even the Hummer gets a spanking like this from the media.

I’ll leave it up to you to decide. Is there a "conspiracy" against the biggest Japanese Automakers or not?

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