A Republican Takeover of Health Care

What does a Republican takeover of health care in America look like?

* Over 13 Million Americans being discriminated against by insurance companies because of pre-existing conditions.
* Over 40 Million Americans living without health insurance of any kind.
* 40,000 American citizens dying every year due to a lack of health insurance.
* Rising health care costs that are making insurance and medical care more unaffordable for thousands of Americans every day.
* Medicare becoming insolvent because Republicans don’t think anything needs to be done.
* Hundreds of thousands of Americans having their insurance policy rescinded because they happened to get sick…which is EXACTLY what the insurance companies say they are there for.
* Victims of domestic violence being denied insurance because Insurers call domestic abuse a pre-existing condition
* 60% of Americans want a health care reform bill. A Republican takeover of health care will deny them that.
* Republicans say they are strong on National Security, yet under a Republican Takeover of Health care in America, a 9/11 style massacre of Americans will continue to take place each month, as more than 3,300 Americans die every month due to a lack of health insurance.

A Republican takeover of healthcare…looks exactly like their reputation tells you it would look like. Their ability to do nothing in the face of a national crisis is epic. ?

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