Republican Conservative Principle: Wealth Redistribution

I like visiting political blogs where there is conversation taking place. Maybe it’s just my irritating nature, I don’t know. I’ve visited one local Conservative blog lately, run by a Talk Radio host in Milwaukee whose name I shall not mention. About the best thing I can deduce from my time spent there is, the people who read it are EXACTLY like their Republican elected officials in every sense, except they don’t understand the real purpose of Republican Conservatism.

You can imagine the reaction I received when I recently "instructed" these fine people on the method behind their leader’s madnesses. We had been discussing the case of a Milwaukee bus driver who earned well over $100k in a single year. Everyone there was whining that this was just too much money to pay a "bus driver". They were up in arms over the Union that had managed to swing a really good deal for their constituents, at taxpayer cost. I can understand some of their angst, considering the general disgust over government waste. But when I began talking about wealth redistribution, I think I broke open a hornet’s nest.

In several other posts at this Talk Radio blog, we had approached this topic in varying degrees, but today I just decided to lay it on them:

"This case is a pittance compared to how your bank or mutual fund manager is screwing you, how your insurance companies are shafting you, and how execs of most large corps are redistributing your wealth into their pockets. Don’t you listen to Clark Howard? I am exposing hypocrisy, and you don’t like it. You don’t like that I am exposing that the entire Republican Conservative Principle is based on wealth redistribution, moving money from the middle class to the wealthy."

Indeed, they did not like that at all. Which is why I am writing about it here. Republicans are very good at using certain terms to generate certain reactions. They know that "Socialism" scares the bejeebers out of Americans, so they do not hesitate to call their opponents this name every chance they get. You might say that when I wrote that little comment, I was tearing a page right out of their "How to Scare the Shit Out of Almost Every American" playbook. I’ve decided to fight fire with fire, and so far, it has been very effective.

I’ve ranged from calling them Plutocrats to slave owners, which is especially effective, because it invokes memories of their other, least favorite word to be called; "racist." But I am finding this new thread, this new line of thinking to be very attractive, because it uses one of their favorite attacks against them. They love to claim that Liberals are all about wealth redistribution, so in calling them out on their hypocrisy, we can essentially expose what has really been going on for the last two decades, which is the redistribution of Middle Class Wealth into the hands of the few uber-wealthy.

The sad part is, I take no pleasure in this, because I am arguing with people whose own wealth is being stolen, and who are stuck defending masters who are raping their present and future economic livelihood.

Oh yeah, and anyone who calls me a Liberal does not know me very well.

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