Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

It began in 2009 when I lost my job of 23 years due to a narcissistic and grandiose leader. Losing a $100k a year job hurts with a family of six so we looked to the HAMP program for help. Being a firefighter/paramedic all my life I was used to seeing hands held out for help and I fulfilled those needs without selfishness. However, when it was needed in my family, it seemed as though everyone turned their heads.

I listened to a group of attorneys who said to default on our mortgage as it would make it easier to get assistance. We’re not stupid…we know what happens when you stop paying your bills but under a new loan modification plan, who even knew the rules and who better to listen to than a real estate law firm! Again, I am not one looking for handouts, I just needed to get some breathing room until I could find another job. Never been unemployed for my entire career of 30 years. Once we defaulted on our loan, it was like the world flipped upside down. We were current with our loan but were only doing so by spending from a small retirement account. We not only qualified for the HAMP but we were entering the imminent default qualifications as well but nothing, even up to this day three years later. We have applied at least five times to the HAMP and each time they refuse us for a different reason. The only way they stay in business is when the taxpayer sticks their finger in the dike.


The men behind the curtain are folks like Gingrich who speaks out of one side of his mouth as he soaks up the funds from Freddie and Fannie. The other is Obama and how until recently failed to put teeth in any of the foreclosure programs. ┬áThe others are the filthy CEO’s of lending institutions, security foundations, etc. who take multi-million dollar bonuses, fly around in their luxury jets and bake in the sun on deserted islands while us common folk struggle to make ends meet. We are the dying breed.

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