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December 03, 2012

Call Mayor Bloomberg: Stop Eviction of Occupy Sandy & Other Community Groups!

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Michael Bloomberg SandyNYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg issued eviction orders for community relief groups like Occupy Sandy over the weekend.

As some Superstorm Sandy survivors enter December in their 5th week without heat and electricity, volunteers have worked tirelessly alongside them to clean up the damage and provide food, water, supplies, clothing and human services to the hardest-hit neighborhoods. Unless we act, this important grassroots aid effort could be dismantled as Mayor Bloomberg has ordered police to “clear all outdoor sites,” effective immediately.

This disaster has already been colossally mismanaged, and in some cases survivors’ only access to help continues to be community groups like Occupy Sandy. Tell Mayor Bloomberg not to shut down these vital community hubs but give them the resources and support they need to continue their successful work.

Can you please call Mayor Bloomberg’s office and demand he end the eviction of Occupy Sandy hubs around the city?

Click here for phone number and script:

Some of the hardest hit neighborhoods in New York have benefited the most from Occupy Sandy and other groups that did not hesitate before plunging headfirst into the recovery effort.

There are still many survivors across the region who are suffering without basic amenities, and would be even worse-off had it not been for groups like Occupy Sandy. Rather than recognizing this dedication as an opportunity to greatly improve recovery efforts, Mayor Bloomberg has decided to remove these volunteers from the process entirely, which is only more likely to prolong the return to normalcy for the most vulnerable survivors.

This is not a time for division, and the Mayor should instead be uniting volunteer aid groups like Occupy Sandy together with the city’s disaster relief efforts to maximize their impact on devastated communities. As hundreds continue to suffer and need help throughout the region, we should not dismiss these valuable volunteer efforts.

Call Mayor Bloomberg’s office and demand he call off the eviction of community relief groups like Occupy Sandy.

With your support, Firedoglake’s Occupy Supply has worked hard to help Occupy Sandy, New York Communities for Change and other community aid groups with over $20,000 in donations of blankets, hats, socks and other cold weather gear. We will continue to do everything we can to help Sandy survivors and community volunteers regardless of the Mayor’s actions.

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