Food Sunday: Salads and Sammies. That’s About It.

Middle of August. Yep, it’s hot, although my ‘hood has been relatively enjoyable, compared to other summers. Still, I closed up all the windows at 10:00 a.m. I have no idea why we’ve had so much favorable weather in Southern California this year. Not complaining though. Other summers it’s been as high as 118 degrees. Still 100 degrees as late as ten o’clock at night. Global strangeness? Who knows? Not me.

But, still, we’re sticking to sandwiches and salads, these days. BLTs, tunas, grilled cheeses, Italian Subs. And, lot of green salads.

Speaking of green, I almost bought some lettuce babies at the nursery the other morning, but I had heard that we were getting a heat wave starting this weekend, so I didn’t. I hate when I plant stuff and then if dies. Not good for my nurturing soul. So, in spite of the fact that the heat wave is not all that searing, I’ve convinced myself to wait until the end of September to do a Winter Garden. Last year, I had three kinds of lettuce growing and I didn’t buy any grocery store lettuce for around three months. You know. It just tastes bettah!

Gonna’ grill some hangburgers, as my kids used to call them, for sup. Until next time, folks, hang in there and don’t let the censors getcha. Speak your mind and keep the faith!

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