Cocktail Ingredient Shortage Over: The Chinese Get the Nod

As cocktail lovers who watch Rachel Maddow have noted, there has been an extreme ‘shortage’ (or rather, non-age, since there was none) of the product that makes a cocktail, technically a cocktail, Angostura Bitters(tm). Those who had, hoarded. Those who didn’t begged. Angostura representatives came one Rachel’s show this week to announce that the shortage was over. Halleluiah!
It wasn’t the liquid, however – it was the bottles.
"A spokeswoman for the Angostura Bitters company tells the New York Post that the catastrophic shortage of the cocktail staple is near an end, blaming the whole problem on a dispute with the bottle maker. The company says a new bottle supplier from China is on board, and production is expected to be back on schedule by next month.

Isn’t there a 4-oz. bottle manufacturer closer than CHINA???

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