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November 21, 2012

Special Delivery: Hurricane Sandy Victims Receive $20,000 Worth of Blankets From #Occupy Supply

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FDL staffers
FDL staffers pack supplies for Hurricane Sandy relief

When the clouds rolled away and the devastation left by Hurricane Sandy began to penetrate public consciousness, our Occupy Supply program knew we were uniquely positioned to provide important assistance to the victims.

The response so far has been overwhelming, as we raised nearly $16,000 in 2 days to bring warmth and comfort to people affected in the tristate area. That support has enabled us to put together big packages for the survivors and have them delivered by community aid groups like Occupy Sandy, and give people the comforting knowledge that their money is being used to actually keep someone warm rather than to pay for the various overhead and operating costs associated with groups like the Red Cross who, despite admirable efforts, have been roundly criticized as coming up short once again in providing necessary assistance to these people.

Occupy Supply blankets delivered to Sandy relief hub at King of Kings Church in Manahawkin, NJ

We sent $10,000 worth of blankets (woobie, space and fleece) as well as hats, gloves, socks and hand warmers to New York and another $10,000 to New Jersey for distribution in the hardest-hit communities by Occupy Sandy and New York Communities for Change — two local groups whose commitment to a bottom-up recovery focused on the needs of individuals has changed — and even saved — many, many lives at this point.

Occupy Supply member liaison Steve C. delivered our first shipment of blankets and a command tent to a Sandy relief hub at King of King’s Church in Manahawkin, NJ — one of the hardest hit areas in the state. He writes:

I received the six boxes with the woobie blankets, socks, jackets, jacket liners, caps, gloves, and scarves.The plan now is to use Philadelphia as the hub because the locations in New Jersey are getting overwhelmed. The Occupy Supply command tent previously used by Occupy Delaware will be set up at the Transport Workers union hall on Saturday. The six boxes of supplies will be delivered to the union hall on Saturday, from where they will be distributed to where they are needed. I’ll get photos of the tent raising on Saturday, and of the delivery of the supplies.

While the elites scramble to privatize another crisis and ‘rebuild’ in their new corporate vision, these groups are focusing on the real work of helping people piece their lives back together.

Occupy Supply will continue to aid in the Sandy recovery so long as we have your support. Please consider donating $10 to help us continue to send aid packages to Hurricane Sandy survivors in the tristate area.

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