Seminal Watercooler – If Goldman Sachs Wrote Fables

(promoted by Jim Moss – A nice piece of searing satire that would be funny if it weren’t so true.)

The way most people in the US feel about Goldman Sachs hovers around the homicidal these days, and the good folks at GS are going to try to do something about it.

"The bank said that it was working with its largest shareholder, the billionaire investor Warren E. Buffett, in a $500 million project to help 10,000 small businesses by offering them business and management education, mentoring and access to capital."

Why, this..this..this sounds just like…one of those barnyard fables of yesteryear….

"Oh, yes, said the fox to the hen as he talked to her through the chicken wire on the hen house. "I can teach you so many things."

"Can you teach me how to scratch," asked the little red hen.

"No," said the fox, "I don’t scratch for my food; I kill smaller animals."

"Can you teach me how to lay eggs," asked the little red hen.

"No," said the fox. "I can’t lay eggs; I eat what I can find, though."

"Can you teach me to fly up into the trees at night to stay safe," asked the little red hen.

"No," said the fox. "I can’t fly – but I can dig under fences."

"I have no use for animals who dig under fences," said the little red hen and she flew up into the nesting boxes at the top of the chicken house, far, far away from the fox, who stood outside watching a young, foolish rooster preening himself in the sun out in the yard right next to the fence.

Sidling up to the colorful young fellow, the fox said, "Say there rooster, could I interest you in some derivatives?"

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