Pepper Spray As Food – How Ridiculous!

Actual Food Product (Photo: La Grande Farmers' Market, flickr)
Actual Food Product (Photo: La Grande Farmers' Market, flickr)

Ya gotta laugh at the strenuous attempts that where made last week trying to defend or legitimize Foxs’ Megyn Kelly’s ridiculous claim that after all pepper spray is “food product, essentially.”

After a point, all you can do is laugh at the ridiculous claim that pepper spray is “essentially a food product.” On the other hand if you really believe in the harmlessness of pepper spray, then it would make a great stocking stuffer for this upcoming holiday season. I mean wouldn’t it be a gas, no pun intended, to watch you kids chase each other through the house spraying pepper spray on everyone. Think of the laughs you would get watching people choke and gag and fall all over each other. How about the comedy that would ensue when people fought to get at the sink so as to get some water to clean the pepper spray off their faces, it would be nothing less than hilarious.

Now seriously people, I know that the intelligent and rational among you don’t believe that pepper spray is essentially a “food product”, but over at Fox it seems they do. Perhaps they’ll be handing out canisters of pepper spray at their annual holiday party. Perhaps that’s one reason that people who watch Fox have been found to be more misinformed in comparison to others.

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