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Are attitudes toward cannabis changing for the better?

Tonight’s musical selection is “Stop! Stop and Frisk” by RDACBX in honor of the recent court victory in New York City.

A recent CNN documentary on cannabis not only educated people about the many beneficial uses of the substance, it also reflects rapidly changing attitudesHuffington Post reports:

A remarkable documentary aired on Sunday night on marijuana, not necessarily for its conclusions, but for where it ran: CNN. The network’s medical and science coverage, led by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, had long been at best skeptical and at worst hostile when it came to marijuana.

But on Sunday night, in the documentary Weed that followed Gupta’s reversal on marijuana, viewers were shown an artist who works better while high, a stoner who drives well high because he’s used to the drug’s effects, a five-year-old whose life was saved by pot and even an octogenarian Holocaust survivor in Israel who deals with tremors by smoking government-subsidized weed. Marijuana, Gupta shows viewers, can even fight cancer.

That such a documentary could air is not controversial medical or scientifically, but is a stark reminder of how quickly the politics around marijuana are shifting.

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