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June 05, 2009

Eric Massa Won’t Vote For Supplemental — 38 To Go

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url-23.jpgRep. Eric Massa, a 24-year military vet, tells Howie Klein he won’t vote for the supplemental:

I held George W. Bush accountable and I will not vote for any more Iraq war funding until we have a strategy in place and under way to bring our troops home. This is not about Democrats vs. Republicans, it’s about our troops and I will not bend in this position.

That means only 38 more committed Democrats can block passage of the bill, which includes funding for the war in Afghanistan and the IMF, as well as the Graham-Lieberman Detainee Photographic Records Protection Act of 2009, which allows the administration to block the release of detainee photos.

You can call members of Congress and record their responses with our Citizen Whip Tool

Here are some of the responses people have been leaving, several of which we’re attempting to verify:

Representative Response
John Lewis Left a message for Rep. Lewis. Staffer not able to say how Lewis was planning on voting.
Donna Edwards aide will ask her.
Nydia Velasquez "will pass message along"
Keith Ellison An aide to Rep. Ellison took my call, thanked me for my support and took down my name and address.
Kucinich Spoke with Camille – she refused to give Mr. Kucinich’s position on this bill.
Michael Honda The aide said, "I don’t know the representative’s position. I will definitely pass that on."
Nydia Velasquez Person who answered the phone said she would "pass the message along"
Danny Davis Undecided.
Richardson Sang in Ms. Richardson’s office registered my strong opposition to the Graham-Lieberman amendment and said he would pass it along to the congresswoman (I am a constituent).
Doggett Intern did not know Doggett’s opinion but I did let her know that I would like him to vote against the Supplemental Spending bill especially the G-L amendment.
Sestak left a message at Rep. Sestak’s office
McDermott McDermott has no stated position as of yet, but staff member will pass along my comments to my representative (called the DC office, not the local number listed below)
Grijalva staffer states he does not know position.
Markey  I called it and got a non-committal response from his aide.
Niki Tsongas Spoke to her office – the man I spoke with said he didn’t know how she was going to vote on it. Sorry, he didn’t identify himself and I didn’t ask.
Michael Honda I spoke to an aide to Congressman Honda, he said he would definitely pass my request along.
Diane Watson I was told Diane is against the bill and will vote against it.
Keith Ellison The person who answered the phone said that Rep. Ellison is opposing the bill because of the Graham-Lieberman amendment.
Tammy Baldwin Very open and wanting to know my postion. Fruther prompt me as to whether I was against the whole bill or just portions.
Niki Tsongas Mine was not the first call she received on this matter, and she is not yet stating a position.
Carol Shea-Porter Both the Dover NH office and the DC office are staffed with delightful people. Both person I spoke with were very pleasant but not forthcoming with information. I cannot imagine Carol voting for this darn bill but I will continue calling.
Lynn Woolsey aid answering phone had no clue. Told me to go online to find out.
John Conyers As a resident of Michigan, I urge you vote against the 2009 Supplemental Spending bill which includes funding for the war in Afghanistan and the IMF, as well as the Graham-Lieberman amendment, which allows the administration to block the release of detainee photos through FOIA requests. The Graham Lieberman amendment seeks to cover up torture by U.S. soldiers and to cover up the war crimes of the Bush administration. Please, as a Michigan resident, I ask that you vote against this heinous bill. Sincerely, Bradford Allen
Peter Welch uniformed – nasty. Suggested I called my own representitive.
Keith Ellison The woman who answered for Rep. Keith Ellison said she "thinks" he is against the bill. I said I knew he opposed it, but that I wanted him to stand up to White House pressure and vote no. She said she would definitely let him know.
Lynn Woolsey Called Lynn’s local (San Rafael) office. Staffer there didn’t know what her position on it was and would call me back. I identified myself as former chair of the ACLU Marin Chapter — Lynn knows me from there — and that I/we were opposed to the amendment.
Alan Grayson tlk2 a mail clerk who didn’t normally handle calls on this issue and he recorded my view to oppose.
Mel Watt Nice- informed & inquizitive. Said it was still premature and that there were to go into confer soon and the vote will be next week.
Lynn Woolsey Staffer didn’t know how she intended to vote. Referred me to Woolsey’s website. Requested staffer encourage Woolsey to vote against if supplemental contained the G-L amendment. I am not one of her constituents.
Michael Capuano He hasn’t yet read the text from the conference so has not made a decision. I requested that he vote AGAINST it, because of the blocking of FOIA requests, and his staff said that they would note down my call and intent.
Danny Davis As a constituent of Davis, I asked to speak to his foreign policy staffer, Joseph Peters who was not apparently aware of the situation. He checked and said that Davis is undecided on the Supplemental and on Graham-Lieberman but is opposed to the IMF funding.
Robert Brady voting yes
Lynn Woolsey Spoke to staff members who were unable to tell me what Rep. Woolsey’s position is on this bill. I asked to receive a written response from her office when her position is known.
Diane Watson Spoke to a vey open and chatty Richard – call next week to get exact thought process however very concerned with IMF funding attachemnt. Tuesday or Wednesday they will know.
Peter Welch Staffer didn’t know how he intended to vote. Asked me where I was calling from. Requested staffer encourage Welch to vote against if supplemental contained the G-L amendment. I am not one of his constituents.
James McGovern I called Jim McGovern’s office at 11 a.m. The woman I spoke with was unfamiliar with Graham-Lieberman, but checked and said that the congressman continued to be against it. I urged fortitude.
Maxine Waters Spoke to Joeseph – "leaning against it"
Corinne Brown left message unknown position on vote
Nydia Velasquez Spoke to Ashley who was uniformed and uninterested. Would pass on messgae to the Rep.
Chaka Fattah I called my Congressman (Fattah), and the person on the phone said they would pass my message along. (I asked that he not support the 2009 Supplemental Spending Bill if it contained the Graham Lieberman amendment.)
Michael Capuano position unknown he hasn’t read the bill
Mel Watt Passed to a legislative Aide who indicated Watt would probably vote in favor. Requested Watt oppose if it contained G-L amendment. Aide asked what that was… (WTF?). I am not Watt’s constituent.
Niki Tsongas Tsongas – Did not know. Aid didn’t seem to care once he found out I was not a contituient.
Dennis Kuchinich Staffer said they would pass the message to the Congressman
Luis Guiterrez will pass it along to him
Tammy Baldwin Will pass on information to representative
Andre Carson left message unknown positon
Jan Schakowsky Spoke with Nina on Jan’s staff. They are waiting to see real language since this is all very speculative at the moment, expect actual conference report early next week. Final decisions will depend on final version and what the compromise looks like – we will talk next week again. As of now, Jan’s position is: Graham Lieberman – absolutely opposed and very upset (sounded like outraged!) that this is being proposed and pushed imf – depends on language – if IMF funds are used well, targeting poorest countries will support, supplemental – against as of now – this sounded more shakey than the other two since they are very pleased Obama has promised that this will be the last supplemental
Michael Honda Intern will deliver message. Will not state position.
Ed Towns Rep. Towns aid – Asley -waiting for final bill, wanting to see how it is written.
Lynn Woolsey Woolsey’s office said they didn’t know how she would vote. I only asked about the raham-Lieberman Amendment.
Tammy Baldwin "Thanks for your comment"
Barbra Lee Staff member logged comments. No position given.
Peter Welch Welch’s office said they didn’t know how he would vote. I only asked about the raham-Lieberman Amendment.
Keith Ellison Congressman’s office says he opposes the Graham-Lieberman amendment, but could not say whether he would oppose the entire bill if that amendment is ultimately included.
Barbra Lee Barbara Lee is voting against any additional funding for the war, so she’s currently a no vote, but it doesn’t have anything to do with Graham-Lieberman.
Mel Watt Watt’s office said they didn’t know how he would vote. I only asked about the Graham-Lieberman Amendment.
John Tierney Rep Tierny – Aid Laura – nasty – not interested in non-constituents commnets and make it policy not to discuss policy with them.
George Miller Staff member logged comments. No position given.
Diane Watson Watson’s office said they didn’t know how she would vote. I only asked about the Graham-Lieberman Amendment.
Maxine Watson Water’s office said they didn’t know how she would vote. I only asked about the Graham-Lieberman Amendment.
Mike Thompson Rep. Mike Thompson – Jenna – nice however uninformed – would pass message along
Jackie Speier voted against it the first time
John Tanner Rep. John Tanner Aid George – did not yet know
Pete Stark staffer took message
Lynn Woolsey staffer took message
Pete Stark Rep. Pete Stark aid – Daniel- did not know –
Jackie Speier Rep. Jackie Speier – Aid Sally
Tammy Baldwin Spoke to staffer in Rep Baldwin’s office – my rep. Told her that Tammy should stick to her guns and not allow the photo-suppression amendment into the supplemental bill. Staffer said she would pass on my position.
Diane Watson Phone answerer didn’t yet know Watson’s position on this, but "in the past she’s voted against such supplemental bills, because of the war funding," so there’s that.
Donna Edward Staffer noncommittal. It mattered that I had contributed thru ActBlue even though I’m not a constituent. Requested message to vote against if HR 2346 contained the G-L amendment.
Carol Shea-Porter Carol Shea-Porter – aid Amanda – suggested that I email [email protected] I emailed.
Jose Serrano Rep. Jose Serrano – will pass on my position
Peter Welch Assistant said she would let Representative Welch know that I urge him not to support the spending bill with the Graham-Leiberman amendment attached.
Mike Honda Mike Honda – my rep. – did not know but would pass along my position
Lloyd Doggett Doggett’s No. is wrong, is 202-225-4865
Richard Neal I called Congressman Richard Neal’s office and was told by an aide of his that he is away right now, but she would definitely make my views known to him when he returns. Is there anything else I can do?
Jared Polis I called Jared Polis’s office and spoke with a staffer. Since I was not in his district, but an adjoining district, she simply said she would pass along my request that Rep. Polis vote no on the bill as long as Graham-Lieberman amendment is included.
Lloyd Doggett Please vote against the Graham craker – Liarman Detainee Photographic RPA. This is no time to be protecting the fascist monsters who started this illegal war and are now asking Democrats to cover up their crimes in the name of "moving forward". And God bless Alan Grayson!
Lloyd Doggett I spoke to bethany(an intern) who listened patiently as i asked her to tell doggett to make progressive texans proud:no funding for supplemental and no to anything that joe lieberman desires(no foia info)
Alan Grayson  Didn’t catch name of young man on phone. He said that he can’t speak on something Grayson hasn’t voted on yet, but "judging from his record, I think we know where he will come out on that". Pretty encouraging, I think.
Yvette Clark Staff member took down my information, promised to contact me with Yvette Clark’s plan on vote.
Maxine Water I was told that the Congressperson would be informed of my call; apparently a standard reply..
Nydia Velasquez Nydia Velasquez staff member took down my zipcode only.
Lynn Woolsey I was told that the Congressperson would be informed of my call; apparently a standard reply..
Charles Rangel Person who answered the phone said "thanks"
Charles Rangel I got passed to an aide who explained that FOIA allows the executive to make exceptions on national security grounds. I said I understood that and had no problem with the case being reviewed by courts to see whether it fit under that sort of argument. I added, however, that the amendment would empower the President to arbitrarily take material normally subject to a FOIA petition out of consideration by any court and that that was a dangerous precedent. Any time the political winds shifted, Congress could pass another "exceptional" amendment blocking access to other documents. The aide took my point and promised to pass it along to Cong. Rangell. I recommended that Rangell vote against the funding supplemental on this basis, and the aide seemed open to that idea. He concluded by asking if I am a constitutent (I am).
Corinne Brown Will pass message to the Congresswoman.
Tammy Baldwin I called Tammy Baldwin’s office. The staffer said she doesn’t know how Tammy Baldwin’s going to vote, but she would let her know my concern. She said they’ve been getting quite a few calls.
Rep. Peter Welch They don’t know how he will vote, but will pass along my request.
Rep. Lynn Woolsey They don’t know how she will vote, but will pass along my request.
Peter Welsh They don’t know how he will vote, but will pass along my request.
Melvin Watt They don’t know how he will vote, but will pass along my request.
John Conyers Thanked him for leadership role in opposing the bill (announced May 14) and also for his words yesterday about secrecy. Added that gives another reason to vote against bill with Graham-Lieberman in it.
Sheila Jackson-Lee Office said they would make a note of my request, and pass it on to her.
Donna Edwards Above all else, the "pictures" in question MUST NOT be concealed to please the powers that be, including the Obama administration.
Steve Cohen As a Memphis native and a current resident of TN, I am very proud that you represent our state, Congressman Cohen. Please, sir, vote against H.R. 2346. It should not pass as long as the Graham-Lieberman Detainee Photographic Records Protection Act is attached to it. Thank you for standing up for our civil liberties!
Donna Edwards Veronica will forward the message to her. I thanked her for already taking a position against the bill and asked for her to add her voice to those who are opposed because of Graham-Lieberman.
Keith Ellison Will pass message on to him.
Filner Filner’s office indicated he will be voting against HR2346.
Charles Rangel Rangel – "no comment, but will post future comments to his website".

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