Got a Few Minutes Tonight?

The union that covers 300,000 Federal employees, AFGE, had a phone call tonight where they filled their members in on the imminent lockout/shutdown and the best courses of action.

Updates on the legislative progress (or lack thereof) were made during the call. To the Senate’s credit, they were quite fast. The third amendment-laden continuing resolution was voted on by the House at 8:41 PM ET, and by 9:12 PM ET the Senate had stripped out the garbage and sent a third clean continuing resolution back to the House for Boehner’s perusal.

AFGE said that the best thing people can do, both right now and tomorrow if necessary, is to call their House members and get as many other people as possible to call their House members to tell them to pass a clean CR. As for tomorrow, should a shutdown occur, the best thing besides calling is to join the informational pickets — or start one if at all possible — by one’s workplace.

So, just in case nobody has this number:

House: 1-888-775-3148

You know what to do.

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