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March 23, 2010

Hey Colorado: Help Deliver Public Option Petitions to Michael Bennet Tomorrow

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Michael Bennet was all about the public option when it didn’t matter.  Now that the health care bill has passed and the President has signed it, there’s no way that introducing an amendment can stop it from going through — so why is Bennet nowhere to be found?

Thirty four thousand people have signed the petition asking Bennet to do what his primary challenger Andrew Romanoff would — introduce a public option amendment in the Senate fix.  And tomorrow, David Sirota is asking people to help him deliver the signatures to Bennet’s Denver office:

I am asking as many of you as possible to join me tomorrow (WEDNESDAY, 3/24) at Senator Bennet’s office at 2300 15th Street at 10:45am to deliver a petition signed by 35,000 Americans in just 4 days. With the Senate tomorrow set to consider a bill improving the health care reform that was just signed into law by President Obama,  the petition that asks Senator Bennet to follow through on his promise and introduce an amendment creating a public insurance option to compete with private insurance companies.

I realize the timing of this is short notice and that the weather may be a bit rough tomorrow – but this is our last, best chance to enact a public option, as it can be passed right now with just 51 Senate votes. Because Senator Bennet has publicly promised to offer this amendment, all we are asking him to do is follow through on that promise – a promise that, according to the latest poll, 60 percent of Colorado voters support. The more people who show up with me, the better.
As you know, I have repeatedly praised Senator Bennet for taking the lead on the public option. But he is considering not following through on his promise – and he needs to hear from as many of us as possible tomorrow to make sure he follows through. All it takes is one Senator to offer the amendment.
Regardless of whichever candidate you may support in the Democratic U.S. Senate primary (and I am neutral), I hope that if you support the public option you will join me tomorrow – and please, pass on this note to as many people as you can.
Rock the boat,
FDLer Kelly Canfield will be there too, so if you’re in Denver, please join them.
The reconciliation sidecar bill is being debated in the Senate this week.  It basically gives the unions their carve-out fix for the excise tax, which is paid for by a Medicare tax on unearned income and $22 billion which would have otherwise gone to student aid.  It doesn’t affect the care that anyone will receive, so there’s nothing standing between Bennet and his commitment to fulfilling an up-or-down vote on the public option.
Sign the petition:  tell Senator Michael Bennet to introduce the public option for a vote in the Senate.

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