Poor NOM: Seems Hate Just Isn’t as Popular as it Used to Be

Excuse me while I shed a tear…

It seems the rabid right-wing fundies are having to do lots of backpedaling and begging lately.  Whine.jpgYesterday, I wrote about poor “Focus on the Family” putting out the pleading email about their 6 million dollar budget shortfall (looks like someone needs to look at all that cash that went to anti-LGBT causes, haters).  

Today we look at how the National Organization for Marriage is seeming to backpedal and whine about the successful community action against Tim Hortons' sponsorship of the NOM's Rhode Island “First Annual Celebrate Marriage & Family Day”– the pro “one man/one woman under God in the 1950's” event meant to support “traditional” marriage.

After an uproar online this weekend over the coffee and doughnut chain's sponsorship of the anti-gay event, Tim Hortons pulled their support due to the “religious and political nature” of the event.  Now NOM is crying that the threat of a boycott from the LGBT community and their allies is just plain mean…

And they want gays to come renew their wedding vows at the event.

Huh?Christopher Plante of the National Organization for Marriage in Rhode Island told The Advocate on Monday that his organization is accepting the pullout “with a heavy heart”:

It's stressful, it's sorrowful, it's saddening. The marriage equality folks are making this a boycott threat. That's sad. It has become our job now to remind Rhode Islanders that this is what's to come.

Plante added that the event is apolitical, saying:

It's held by an organization that, whatever you think of our politics, is not religious, we accept folks of all faiths and of no faith.  If gays and lesbians want to come in with their children, they are more than welcome to come.  And make sure they find me, and we'll have a Coke and sit down and talk.

That's right, gays!  Come one, come all!  You can give your dollars to NOM to sit with Plante and Maggie Gallagher as they tell you how your marriage is evil and part of the “coming storm” that will destroy civilization!

What a great offer…  Maybe they can throw in a little Carrie Prejean to educate you on the joys of “opposite marriage.”

Plante is right- this is a boycott threat.  As consumers, we have the right to not give our money to businesses that support bigoted organizations like NOM.  Sorry if that's “stressful” for him.  I think Rhode Islanders completely support a community's right to not give money to line Maggie G's pockets or intrude in their private lives.

Seems pretty straightforward to me.

And as for his lovely invitation (which, excuse me for being cynical, doesn't seem all that sincere or realistic), I think most folks will pass and boycott spending even a dime that will go to taking away their rights.  It seems pretty hard to take the invitation seriously when the whole point of the event is to demonize gay families.  You can't have your hate and eat it too, NOMers.

So keep your coke and your fake platitudes.  I can think of better ways to spend money and an afternoon.

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