Missouri cops in camouflage are tear-gassing, beating up and arresting protesters and journalists, threatening more if they don’t quiet down over the murder of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown

But until the officer who killed Brown is brought to justice, the unrest is unlikely to subside. FDL reporter Kevin Gosztola is en-route to Ferguson right now to bring you reports on the police siege you won’t find anywhere else — but we need your help you cover his modest reporting expenses while he’s there.

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Kevin’s reporting on Ferguson is already having an impact. He recently covered the story of Joshua Hampton, who was arrested after “police in military fatigues pulled his girlfriend, her sister and him out of his car at about 2 am” for smoking a cigarette in his aunt’s driveway past curfew.

This outrageous story prompted the Washington Post to follow-up with Hampton, and is an example of how Kevin’s work can shed light on police abuse and misconduct in Ferguson.

With most outlets focusing on the dramatic clashes between protesters and police, Kevin will be telling stories that show how Brown’s murder and the militaristic response are emblematic of the daily injustices black people are made to suffer in Ferguson and elsewhere in America.

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If you’ve been reading The Dissenter for the past few years, you know Kevin is one of the best at covering protests movements on the ground. He visited dozens of Occupy encampments, he faced down threats from an undercover officer at the 2012 Democratic National Convention and he exposed the truth about police militarization at the 2012 NATO summit.

Kevin will provide a critical eye and important independent voice to the situation unfolding in Missouri. Thank you for supporting his work.