140 prisoners at CCA’s private immigrant prison in Ohio protested this week against violence, abuse and substandard food at the facility.

But with CCA’s contract up for renewal this spring, Warden Mike Pugh may have violated protocol to keep it under wraps.

If CCA’s disgraceful track record in Youngstown isn’t enough to give the Bureau of Prisons second thoughts about their contract, this fresh cry for help from its prisoners should.

Call BOP Director Charles Samuels Jr. today to voice your concern for the protesting prisoners and oppose renewing CCA’s contract in Youngstown.

It is completely inappropriate that the police chief and the mayor only found out about the protest because a prisoner’s family member called 911. The Warden also denied state Rep. Robert Hagan’s request to visit with protestors and the press was not notified about the incident until 4 hours after it happened.

Prison staff are obligated to inform the city whenever there is unrest at the prison. So why didn’t they?

Perhaps CCA is being so cautious because they know that if enough people complain to the Bureau of Prisons, it could cost them this lucrative contract, just like it did in Idaho. They are already funding advertisements in Youngstown encouraging residents to call the BOP on their behalf.

This protest and the way it was handled is a perfect example of why CCA cannot be trusted.

Tell BOP Director Charles Samuels Jr. you want the demands of the protesting prisoners taken seriously, and you don’t want CCA’s contract to be renewed.