On the Menu

A significant number of people use the nutritional information required at chain restaurants menus according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

The CDC looked at people in 17 states who visit chain restaurants and have noticed that menu labeling was publicly displayed. Among this group 57.3 percent say they at least sometimes use the information to make their choice. The breakdown is 11.9 percent “always,” 13.7 percent “most of the time,” 8.8 percent “about half the time,” 22.8 percent “sometimes” and 42.7 percent nonusers.

In all the states women were far more likely to say they have used the information than man.

An important caveat is that this is self-reported data from people who were contacted for a survey. People often have a bad memory about mundane decisions and can delude themselves. Do you really remember the thought process that went into most of your meals?  In addition, some might have felt a social bias to to claim they are more health conscious than they really are.

Because obesity is such a significant health issue in the United States finding ways, big and small, to reduce it are a big focus of health policy.

Photo by Sarah Braun under Creative Commons license