The American people have been losing confidence in all three branches of government according to a new poll by Gallup.

Americans' Level of Confidence in the Three Branches of Government

Confidence in Congress is at a new low, but so is confidence in the Supreme Court. I find that latter number very interesting because the Supreme Court is the branch most dependent of the confidence of the American people.

The Supreme Court lacks the democratic legitimacy of Congress or the Presidency and with lifetime appointments it is one of the most poorly designed major governing institutions in the first world. It inherently needs the American people and the rest of the government to see it as fair for it to be able to really do its job. If it is viewed as acting like just an unelected third chamber of Congress it could really cripple it is effectiveness.

If in the future we head towards a real showdown between a Supreme Court that doesn’t have the country’s respect and one of the elected branches of government, it would lose.