As my colleague Jon reported yesterday, Senators Rand Paul and Cory Booker will introduce an amendment blocking the federal government from using taxpayer dollars to crack down on state medical marijuana programs.

Please call your senators to support the Paul-Booker Amendment ending the federal war on medical marijuana.

We have phone numbers and a sample script assembled on the page, as well as a form for you to tell us you called and describe how it went.

Can’t call right now? Consider chipping in $5 to help us promote this campaign.

Thousands of advocates like you spoke out in favor of this legislation in the House and have now successfully pushed for it in the Senate. Our next step is to make sure our Senators know we want them to cast their vote in its favor.

That vote could happen as soon as this week, and drug warriors in and out of government are undoubtedly working overtime to convince your senators not to support this amendment.

It will take calls from constituents like you to encourage your Senators to do the right thing for patients by ending the federal war on medical marijuana. Please take a moment to make a phone call today, and please share this important action with your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks in advance for your support!