There is one way America is clearly exceptional:  we have a healthcare system that is dramatically more expensive than the rest of the industrialized world, but it doesn’t manage to make us any healthier.

Once again America wins the dubious distinction of having the least efficient health system. From the Commonwealth Foundation:

Aspects of the Affordable Care Act, such as Medicaid expansion, will address some issues with our healthcare system.  But even after the law is fully implemented we are still likely going to have by far the most expensive and least efficient system among wealthy nations. After all the political fighting and effort spent  on implementation we will go from last place to still last place.

The law was designed to maybe, possibly “bend the cost curve” when what we need is to actually cut costs. The goal shouldn’t just be premiums growing less quickly.  Our goal should be for health care costs to be actually going down until they are more in line with international standards.

It simply can’t be overstated how wastefully corrupt our health care system is.