Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay Cuba

I don’t support Guantanamo Bay prison or think we should be holding anyone there, but there is something deeply perverse that the only five individualscurrently being released in the prison swap are the type of individual the facility was supposedly created for. They all at least had top positions in the Taliban.

Meanwhile, there are dozens of individuals at Guantanamo who have been cleared for release but are still stuck in Guantanamo. Some of these individual were cleared for release years ago yet are still trapped in a legal limbo because the administration can’t decide where to actually send them. Many were never charged with a crime and were potentially just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The already absurd, cruel, and unjust prison somehow managed to get even more absurd, cruel and unjust. When the nightmare seemed like it couldn’t get more Kafkaesque it takes another turn towards bureaucratic madness.

The people the prison was designed to hold are being released while the people who should never have been brought in are still trapped behind bars.

I can only wonder what those cleared to release years ago were thinking when they watched these five individual leave. Ironically, maybe if they were more important they would be out by now.

Photo courtesy Department of Defense