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Only 28% of Americans support the law while 43% oppose it

The Affordable Care Act has now been implemented. The Medicaid expansion is well underway in the states which took part, and the extremely long open enrollment period on the exchanges has come and gone. Yet this has seemed to have no real impact on how the public views the law.

According to the latest AP-GfK poll, only 28 percent of Americans support the law while 43 percent oppose it. This level of support is basically unchanged since mid October when the exchanges first opened. While the technical problems with have improved and enrollment targets were met that has made no difference to regular people. Their opinions of the law appear stubbornly fixed for the past seven months.

The botched launch appears to have further soured the public on the law, and nothing the Obama administration has done so far was able to repair the damage. The administration had once chance to make a first impression and they failed.

This is consistent with all the other public polling on the law. Other pollsters like the Kaiser Family Foundation and Gallup also show little improvement since the intentional dip that was caused by the early problems with